Better Process Management is the brainchild of professionals who have decades of business management and information technology experience. We have formed and run companies. We have years of experience in IT management, project management, application development, implementation, testing, release management, large-scale rollouts, enterprise-level security, management consulting and more.

We have worked with companies to: restructure operations (moving manufacturing and distribution operations to Mexico from the US); effect major cost-reduction efforts (helped large retail organization save millions implementing innovative pricing and distribution strategies for their store network); select, implement and manage ERP and other productivity applications; and. train client staff in several disciplines in-house and at well-known training facilities.

We have worked with international pharmaceutical companies, automotive manufacturers, consumer goods companies, industrial products companies, distributors, retailers, universities, government and more. We have the experience to help you!

We have been building business process models for companies since 1985—resulting in experience in almost every conceivable field. We have seen the problems you are faced with, and we can help you fix them!

Why do you need BetterProcessManagement?

The world around us is changing quickly—some well-publicized examples include technology, customer preferences, economics, politics, and the activities of your competition. You may have other incentives such as employee skills, cost pressures, and government regulation. You have to respond quickly if you are to keep your edge.

We help you do Do It Right! If you are ready for improvement, call us!

A word about Technology...

Technology shouldn’t enter into BPM decisions, but it does, because there are many ways to implement it, many ways to access it, many ways to use it, and there are many suppliers of it.

We provide guidance and experience—we’ve worked with companies, large and small, government, computers from small personal machines to mainframes to supercomputers. We’ve worked with all of the major software platforms, with cloud-based and on-premise virtual machines and containers, and with a large number of application packages.

As well, now there is Open Source BPM Software available, that significantly reduces the cost-of-entry, especially for smaller organizations. 

We can and will help! Call us!