Company Processes

Internal processes are often the most difficult to control; they don't have the high profile of customer and supplier processes, and internal discipline is often lacking.

As an example, it is widely estimated that 30% of print jobs submitted do not actually get picked up by the initiator. That alone can be a drain on costs.

Unnecessary printing can be reduced: by making digital material more accessible by providing source document scanning, content indexing, and browsing capabilities; by establishing print quotas; and by tracking and reporting usage. Digital facsimiles are easier and faster to access. Another suggestion could be to adopt e-signatures: they are widely accepted in place of paper documents; they store easily, and they can be transmitted faster than paper documents.

Of course, these suggestions imply business process management. BPM fosters collaboration—any process where more than one individual or department is involved can benefit. For example, responding to an RFP—where engineering documentation and sales/product management input are required for scheduling, pricing and rebate levels—can be controlled and monitored.

The opportunities to streamline and improve your business processes are unlimited! We're here to help you Do It RIght—see how you can benefit from BPM—call us!

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