Supplier Processes

Some will benefit more from supplier BPM application than others. Where the flow of material is critical (just-in-time), where services are delivered on an as-needed basis, or where customers demand information in a build-to-order environment, supplier BPM processes have a positive effect.

BPM assists supplier processes by:

  • Using rules-based, paperless, on-demand information exchange (stock levels, status, delivery, payment, documentation, etc.), system-to-system;
  • Handling exceptions, if material is not going to fit the requirements for any specified reason (dates, quantity, specification adherence, etc.) automated escalation informs the right staff at the right time;
  • Eliminating purchaser/sales interaction for routine transactions; that can move to a higher plane;
  • Allowing customer inquiries into build status in a build-to-order environment;
  • Allowing inquiries into service levels, where service level agreements are in place; and
  • Supporting all other processes and procedures that deal with external organizations.

We hope those few examples have provided some ideas of how we can help you manage and improve your relationship with your suppliers.

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